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FAQs About LED Lighting

Can your equipment be made AC inside?

ANS:Yes. It depends on different lighting construction and installing position.

Is any number limit for light bar series connection?

ANS:Yes. Basically, keep the current at 2.5A

Does your equipment get any IP certification?

ANS:Yes. And IP level depends on installation position.

Any Watt limits for your equipment?

ANS:Yes. It can adjust by cooling construction.

Can fixing components be replaced?

ANS:Yes. But it is according to our company's existing accessories to be changed. We can also customize you need by extra paying.

How long is your lead time?

ANS:According to the order quantity, producing difficulty and components gathering situation.

How many types for equipment wire outlet?

ANS: Generally use cable or waterproof connector, line bar can choose wire outlet location from side cover or bottom.

How many chip brands can be chosen?

ANS´╝ÜCree, Nichia, and which you prefer.

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